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the one with Cynthia Barcomi

Cynthia Barcomi

Baking Queen | Koch- und Backbuch Autorin | Gastronomin | Unternehmerin | Mutter | Cynthia Barcomi Kitchenware

the one with the Global Goals Jam 2020

Global Goals Jam 2020

Global Goals Berlin is a community dedicated to advancing the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (also known as the Global Goals) in Berlin. The community is setup and run by 2030 Cabinet.

the one with in Holmes Place



The One in kurbad Steglitz


Nach einem schweren Unfall im Jahr 2015 und verschiedenen Aufenthalten in Kliniken ist Nico seit zwei Jahren im Kurbad zur ambulante Physiotherapie. Mit großem Engagement und Motivation macht er Fortschritte auf dem Weg zu einem selbstbestimmten Leben. Wir sind begeistert von seiner Willenskraft und Motivation.

The One Making a salad


COOK WITH US geht in die zweite Runde! ⚡️Heute zeigt euch Andi, wie einfach es ist bei beets&roots seinen eigenen Salat zu kreieren.
Folge Andi, wie er mit einzelnen beets&roots Zutaten sein heutiges – zugegebenermaßen außergewöhnliches – Mittagessen kreiert.

The One Doing Yoga

Classy Habits

Yoga with Cynthia

The One with Paulina Baginska

Paulina Bagingska

An intense full-body, fat burning, HIIT style Kettlebell, at-home workout! Workout Breakdown: Be sure to warm up 5 -10 min before getting started 2 circuits x 2 rounds each 30s work + 30s rest Break: 1 min in between rounds.

The One in the Abandoned Place

Xenia / StudioBerlin361

How many stories behind these walls, how many broken doors and shattered windows will I find exploring every corner of this abandoned place. Places like this remind me that one day we are on this earth and the next day we will just be dust. I want to get lost. I want to explore. I want to follow the traces of the people who were here before me. I want to immerse myself in the stories that their art and leftovers tell. I want to be a part of them. I want to create. I want to use my imagination.

The One for 24COLOURS


A new season, new collection for 24COLORS and of course a new video :D

The One in Berlin

Berlin / StudioBerlin361

A little taste of Berlin, I love this city

The One at the Hanf Parade 2019

Hanf Parade 2019 / StudioBerlin361


The One with Tom Hemp's

Hanf Parade 2019 / StudioBerlin361


The One with the Hula hOp

Kawhoops / StudioBerlin361


The Showreel



The One at the Global Goals Jam

Global Goals Jam Workshop Berlin 2019


The One for Tom Hemp's

New office for Tom Hemp's


The One with Beazy

Beazy Movement Events


The One with the Drone on the Canary Islands, Spain

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria España

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